Golix btc price

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Golix btc price


10 Nov 2017 Demand for cryptocurrency far exceeds supply, causing bitcoin to trade at premiums as steep as 100% within the country. On Harare-based bitcoin exchange Golix, for instance, the bitcoin price has risen as high as $13,900 — more than $6,500 above the current global average price. As of November 10th, 

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0.1 btc btc diff What is rather interesting is the current Bitcoin price on the Golix exchange. Bitcoin Trading at 7800$ in Zimbabwe Golix. io Sell Dash Etherium High Price Crypto Trade Chain. io. Golix has never seen a price below $8,880 either. I have African Golix Exchange Values Bitcoin at Over What is rather interesting is the current 

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Golix btc price